Great content. For all.

We’re on a mission to make great content accessible for everyone.

It’s tough to create winning digital content. Especially when your big-budget competitors spend a fortune on internal content creation, SEO consultants and creative agencies, pushing you down the rankings. So inflo.Ai reaches your audience — without the big spend.

A powerful tool for change

We created inflo.Ai as the all-in-one tool that uses artificial intelligence for accessible and affordable digital content. It saves you time, gives you more for your budget, and gives one person the power of a whole content department.

We protect you from the dark arts of SEO and the whims of Google’s algorithms, so you can focus on creating brilliant content that people find useful, interesting, entertaining, and shareable.

Content marketing experts

Founders Adam Benzecrit and Toby Cockayne first worked together creating SportsFix, a  machine-learning app for sports news, and were picked as Europe's top ten app entrepreneurs. They saw that developing their technology could help businesses produce greater revenues through improved content.

So in 2016, and after consultations and conversations with hundreds of businesses, came inflo.Ai: an all-in-one platform to research, plan, write and track your content marketing.

For us, it’s not only about maximising value: we’re making the digital world a fairer place for all. A place where people prosper based on their expertise and passion, not their budgets. Where users can access exceptional content. And where SMEs have the same impact as FTSE100 companies.

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