The inflo.Ai story

Producing great content can be tough. Really, really tough.

It’s tough to write, tough to find and tough to share. Particularly when you begin every working day with an ever-lengthening to-do list, a blocked-out meeting calendar and an overflowing email inbox.

As a result, thousands of companies simply don’t have the resources to create truly optimised blog content that builds their organic following and generates new business leads. Even worse, thousands solely rely on expensive paid ad campaigns and SEO agency retainers.

We don’t think that’s fair.

That’s why inflo.Ai’s mission is to make content marketing solutions quick, easy and painless for thousands of business users from all walks of life. To offer user-friendly SEO blogging tools that deliver real business benefits. We want to help you find a voice, create great stories, post engaging content and grow your business.

But more than that, we believe that our SEO blogging tool has the power to put the power back in your hands and demystify the dark arts of organic search rankings and Google algorithms.

As such, we have assembled a team of world-leading AI mavens, search engine gurus and UX experts from across the globe to help us, and you, achieve just that.

Because we believe that authoritative, original content that generates traffic and engages readers shouldn’t be the property of multinational corporations with thousand-strong marketing teams.

It shouldn’t take all day to craft, it shouldn’t be a chore to write and it shouldn’t demand a freelancer’s rate. It should exist as a fundamental part of any marketing strategy: supplementing and supporting your overall brand storytelling vision at every stage of the process.

Your content should reflect who you are, what your business stands for and where you want to take it.

Our job is to help you get there.

The inflo.Ai SEO blogging tool

inflo.Ai can trace its ancestry back to Sportsfix, a machine learning app which instantly summarised breaking news for sports fans across the world.

Pretty good it was, too, so our founders, Adam Benzecrit and Toby Cockayne, will tell you.

But as we developed the product, our team came to understand a much larger problem, one faced by thousands of companies up and down the UK.

As we populated our app, we had to search for authoritative sources by hand. We had to produce content that engaged audience, hit their passion points and left them wanting more. Like I said before: this was tough, time consuming and mind-numbingly manual.

Our team came to appreciate how arduous the content creation process can be. We also came to believe that there had to be a better way.

The businesses Adam and Toby were speaking to were experiencing exactly the same problem, with no end-to-end SEO blogging tool in sight.

With this ringing in their ears, the two founders channeled their efforts into unlocking the potential for our AI-generated content to save people time, money and effort. Rather than operate as a publisher ourselves, our technology could help countless other businesses like us produce better content and reach their true earning potential.

With that, inflo.Ai was born.

Quite simply, our vision is a fairer digital world.

A digital world where companies are allowed to prosper based on their expertise, not their copywriting resources. One where users get maximum value from exceptional content. One where SMEs have just as much chance of reaching their audience as FTSE100 companies.

As our technology grows, so does the scope of our offering and our ambition to make our vision a reality.

We’d love for you to be a part of it.

Want to be a part of the team? Drop us an email,

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