SEO is More Than Just Keywords

SEO is More Than Just Keywords There is so much more to SEO than just keywords. To understand how you can effectively apply search-engine optimisation to your content, you need to look at it as an important piece of a puzzle. Through planning, focus, and a bit of creativity, you’ll be having p

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SEO is More Than Just Keywords

SEO is More Than Just Keywords There is so much more to SEO than just keywords. To understand how you can effectively apply search-engine optimisation to your content, you need to look at it as an imp

How inflo.Ai Can Help you Grow Online

Now more than ever businesses are focusing on reaching their potential customers online. During these uncertain times businesses, both large and small are closely managing their budgets and reigning i

Google Algorithm Update: How it May Affect Your Content Marketing

The Google algorithm is a systematic and scientific formula used by Google to control the search results on its pages whenever a query is made. Since the advent of Google, it has become the de-facto h

Illustration of inflo.Ai's calendar feature

Drive traffic consistently with inflo.Ai’s seamless WordPress integration and calendar

This post dives into the why and the how to use the calendar feature in your inflo.Ai account. The second part of the post is a step-by-step guide to syncing your inflo.Ai account with your WordPress

How to engage your audience with inflo.Ai

With so much competition out there in almost every vertical when it comes to content, you might find yourself wondering how to stand out. More than that, even. How to resonate with the audience that w

How to overcome your pain points to create quality content for your target audience

Content marketing might sound easy but it’s actually a complex field with a lot of moving parts. There are a hundred different traps waiting for even the most experienced marketeers. If you do find

How to produce content that resonates with your target audience

Now more than ever It’s no surprise that content is king. Having the right content creation skills can help you establish trust between your brand and customers. However, creating content that c

Take your blog content from 0 to 100 with SEO optimisation

So you think you have a great blog, now what? Now it’s time to start optimising your posts for SEO. This is the only way you can guarantee traffic and high conversion rates to your blog. There a

How to ensure you stay consistent in posting relevant content

You probably think we sound like a broken record, always telling you how great content is essential to marketing your business. We’ve told you a hundred times how posting relevant, high quality and

Establishing credibility and authority a challenge? Here’s how to get on the right track

Having an authoritative and credible online voice tells customers you’re trustworthy and your products and services are solid investments. Establishing credibility in your industry is a must when it

How To Balance Creativity and SEO

Building an online presence is a priority for most businesses and written content naturally sits at the heart of almost all strategies. If you want that content to drive traffic to your site and give

3 tips to make sure your blogs get noticed every time

In 2015, a Microsoft study announced that people now have shorter attention spans than the humble goldfish. Thanks to smartphones, the internet and social media we’re all doomed to…

New year, new us

With inflo.Ai 2.0 hitting the (metaphorical) shelves this week, we wanted to give everyone a heads up on what has improved from 1.0. We’ve digested over 100 meetings worth of product feedback…

Ebook three – How to: measure success

Congratulations, your content is finally out in the digital world. In Episode Two, we showed you how to turn your winning idea from Episode One into a winning blog post. Problem is…

Ebook two – How to: write

Great, so we’re ready to go. Now what? In the first ebook of this series "How to: create", we ran through the process of devising and planning incisive content. We showed you how to come up with…

Five tips for crafting a killer SME content calendar

Get to know your audience first. A great SME content calendar offers value to the reader. By this I mean your words have either:…

Long-tail keywords: why you need them and where to find them

Ranking organically can take a while. It's an unfortunate but unavoidable truth. It's all well and good identifying the best-case keywords and search terms you want to top the Google search…

Third party backlink strategy

Pitching third parties: diversifying your backlink strategy

Maximising your website's organic search potential is a multi-pillared discipline. While a targeted original content output is the most important pillar (we would say that), there are…

Identifying your ideal customer profile (ICP)

I daresay you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to know and understand who ideal customer profile (and therefore your content audience) actually is…

Ebook one – How to: create

Publishing really good content is tough. Really, really tough. It’s tough to write, tough to find and tough to share. Particularly when you begin every working…

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