10 easy-to-use strategies for blog posts to fuel your online growth

What links your blog post to a (kinda freaky) rainforest lizard? Well, like a chameleon,  blog posts provide an adaptable and colourful way for you to deliver your online growth goals. It’s too one-dimensional to think about them just as a vehicle for SEO. You just need the correct strategy and know-how in place to get the most out of your time and writing efforts.

Below we outline 10 ways that a blog post can deliver value and get your brand front-and-centre in the minds of your target audience.

Why is blogging valuable?

But first, let’s start with a simple question. Why bother blogging in the first place?

Blog posts enable your business to find and grow an audience and build a relationship with each customer. Over 60% of people who buy a product or service, start by reading a company blog post.

Just like a basket of hot bread before a three-course meal, you need to warm your audience up and get their attention.

When you blog on a regular basis, you can build awareness of your brand, showing off your expertise and know-how to build authority in your field — both things that will boost SEO rankings (we’ll come back to this later).

So, thinking of a blog post just through the lens of SEO growth is a bit like thinking of Homer Simpson as just a friendly nuclear power plant operative. It’s definitely true, but there’s more to it than that.

10 different ways you can use published blog posts to amplify your brand message and online reach:

1) Fire-up every social media channel

Blog posts should be front and centre of any social media strategy that’s ultimately trying to drive traffic to your site.

Got a blog post for today’s hot topic? Share it! Just published a new post to your site? Share it! Seen a conversation online that you have an opinion on? Share it!

For top marks, get creative and repurpose the blog post as an image/infographic too.


2) Drive clickthrough from your email newsletters

Old but gold. Email newsletters let you speak one-to-one with your audience and provide value. What better way to do that than by directing them to that amazing new blog post on your site?

Another top tip for newsletters – curate valuable content so your readers don’t have to spend time scrolling and searching away. (Ahem, with our Research section it couldn’t be simpler to do just that!)


3) Collaborate with others through guest posts

As my great grandmother always used to say, sharing is caring. What better way to share than with guest posting? By creating great content and posting it to a partner’s site you not only reach a new audience and get valuable backlinks to boost SEO (again, more on this later). They win because you’ve slipped them some killer content and saved them the job of writing it. It’s win-win and one of the best ways to amplify your company message and reach.


4) Give your sales team the ammo they need to handle any objection

Sales teams love blog posts. OK – that might be an overstatement, but blog posts are useful in overcoming objections when you’re out in the wild. Writing content that answers your biggest sales objections not only shows a prospective customer you understand their pains, it demonstrates your knowledge in the area and means you stand out from the crowd.


5) Build up the excitement to your next webinar

Still think blog posts are all about SEO? Well, the next time you’ve got a webinar coming up, why not create a few short posts around the topic to build up to a fever pitch? After it’s been recorded, you can also dive deeper into some of the discussion points. Boost those viewer numbers for weeks and months into the future by sharing the posts and webinar across all of your channels.


6) Promote a podcast

See point 5 above. But swap “webinar” for “podcast” and change “viewer” to “listener”.


7) Create rocking downloads and whitepapers

As we said at the start, blogging is valuable because it shows off your expertise. You can pull multiple blog posts together, enhance and then create a comprehensive guide or whitepaper. Better yet by making it a free download in exchange for a bit of information (ie email address) you can keep your sales team busy with a fresh batch of leads.


8) Upgrade sales materials and company presentations

Whether you still use Powerpoint or have crashed into the 2020s with the new slideshow kid on the block, Canva, blog posts are great for sprucing up boring sales materials and presentations. Use extracts from company posts and direct people to the educational content on your site to excite and engage.


9) Educate users about your product

Build-it-and-they-will-come is the old adage. But when people get there, then what? Blog posts are the perfect way to educate and update your users on your product, the value of specific features, give them guidance with how-tos, answer their FAQs, gauge interest in new features, etc etc. Blog posts when combined with simple videos and other materials make sure you retain and grow your user-base.


10) SEO!

The pièce de résistance. Blog posts amplify your message and brand across the web via search engines. You need a site that is slick, and you need to build authority through backlinks. But the bedrock of any online traffic growth from search engines is a library of delightful blog content.

But, to stop yourself from shouting into an empty room here, you need a strategy that connects you to what people are searching for with the right topics and keywords and focus on their intent and what they want to know – enter inflo.Ai content briefs.


So hopefully now you can see the value of a rocking, blogging company website. At inflo.Ai, we make sure your content engine purrs and whirs you to exceed your online growth targets. 

We’re here to work alongside you at each step of the way. From engaging your audience online with data-backed topic and content recommendations, to growing your audience by selecting the right tactics to amplify your reach.

We’ve got the data-backed game plan for ambitious growth teams.