AI copywriting tools vs copywriters: which is right for you?

In a world where many companies are trying to figure out how to optimise their copywriting, a new trend has emerged: AI copywriting tools. These tools use a variety of algorithms and machine learning to help you write better content on your website. But what does this mean for the future of copywriters? This article talks about the pros and cons of using an AI copywriting tool as opposed to hiring a full-time copywriter.

What is artificial intelligence copywriting and how does it work?

AI (artificial intelligence) copywriting is where machine learning algorithms are used to help a person write better copy. While this may seem like a very new concept, the process of using algorithms to optimise your content has been around for a long time now. And while it is gaining traction in other areas such as SEO (search engine optimization), there are still some questions about whether or not AI can replace a copywriter.

Pros of using an AI copywriting tool

  • They can help you come up with ideas for content that you may not have thought of before. The algorithms that AI copywriting tools use parse billions of pages to help generate copy, so chances are they’ll come up with an angle or idea that hadn’t occurred to you. That said, the suggestions aren’t always what you’re looking for…
  • They can help you optimize your existing content for better conversions. Most tools have a feature which can take your existing content, and suggest ways you can improve it (for an example, check out the inflo.Ai SEO scanner).
  • They are a vastly cheaper option than hiring a full-time copywriter. Subscriptions to AI copywriting tools might be a few hundred £ a month, while a single copywriter will cost thousands.
  • AI tools can generate written copy in a fraction of the time it would take a copywriter. At the click of a button, the algorithms behind these tools can churn out hundreds of words of copy in seconds. In theory, this means you can produce months worth of content in a day! However, it isn’t all upside to using these tools…

Cons of using an AI copywriting tool

  • AI algorithms can’t entirely replace the experience and knowledge of a good copywriter. Put simply, while algorithms like GPT-3 that are behind popular AI copywriting tools have come a long way, they still can’t consistently produce writing that feels like a human has written it. Much of what is produced is nonsensical, or at least requires a human touch.
  • There is a lot of trial and error that goes into using AI copywriting tools! The data you’re feeding the tool needs to be nearly perfect for it to give you accurate results. If it’s not, chances are your content will be wide of the mark.
  • AI copywriting tools can struggle to create a personal connection with the reader. The content an AI tool produces will almost certainly be readable. However, where they’re often lacking is their ability to connect with a reader.

Pros of using a full-time copywriter

  • Writers can edit and proofread the content AI tools generate. In this way, you can get the best of both worlds – the speed of a machine, and the human touch of a professional writer.
  • A copywriter can have a deeper understanding of the product or service that you’re marketing. No matter how much data you feed an algorithm, it’s unlikely to match the understanding of your business that a dedicated writer can have.
  • They (hopefully!) have a lot of experience and knowledge in writing copy that sells. This means that all the copy they produce will be usable, unlike an AI copywriting tool.
  • Typically, writers are able to write for a variety of different brands, industries, and target markets. Some AI tools have features that aim to emulate this. However, a human will be able to change the tone of their writing based on the audience.

Cons of using a full-time copywriter

  • It’s much more expensive. A full-time copywriter will typically cost upwards of £24,000 p/a. Compared to an AI tool, this can sometimes be 10x more expensive.
  • Producing content takes a lot longer. It can take hours to produce a fully fleshed-out blog post. Longer pieces of content, like white papers of e-books, can take weeks.

When it comes down to it, there are pros and cons to both using AI copywriting tools and hiring a full-time copywriter.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option and don’t mind if the copywriting is a little more generic, then using an AI copywriting tool may be right for you. However, if the reliability of the output, a personal connection with the reader, and thoroughly researching the market before writing about it are important factors in your decision-making process then you may want to go with a full-time copywriter.