Drive online growth with a data-backed content strategy using inflo.Ai’s Growth Guide

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Guiding your growth with inflo.Ai

Building online growth with SEO and content marketing can be tricky for even the most experienced marketers. Only 39% of marketers actually have a documented strategy in place. It requires careful planning and research to pinpoint the opportunities that are right for your business. To find them you need to know the right tools to use, watch 100s of Youtube videos to master the various bits of software and then you’ve got to put in the hard yards and build a coherent strategy.

It’s no wonder that even with the best intentions, the marketing plans of many businesses often come unstuck. Alongside managing three (or five?) social media platforms, updating decks for your sales team and organising that webinar next week – it gets difficult to find the time to put in the work required. So many companies choose to ‘free jazz’ their SEO attempts. They blog on an adhoc basis about whatever seems to be the sensible option on that day.

But using that “freestyle strategy” to produce content is unlikely to contribute to your marketing and sales goals. As 71% of purchases start with an internet-search – you need a concrete plan to get yourself in front of prospective customers to be successful.

At inflo.Ai, our users start with a data-backed content strategy that is completely bespoke to their business. We remove the hassle of trying to build your content strategy (oh and then we also make it easy to put it into practice with an end-to-end, collaborative tool that simplifies content production).

It all starts with you

After a demo and you’ve decided to give the platform a test-drive, we’ll ask you to fill the inflo.Ai Welcome Form. This is where we get under the hood (two car puns in two lines…) and start to know your business and content goals. Building out your content profile allows us to offer you a tailored plan to use alongside our platform to achieve your goals. Whether that’s to drive traffic  (😉ahem) and brand awareness, increase enquiries for a new service or just build your online sales funnel.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Keywords. What kind? How many?

The Welcome Form starts with some pretty basic GDPR-type information  – your name, website, email address etc. Things get a bit more content-profile focused when we dig into what you’re trying to achieve with your content marketing strategy. We also want to know if you have conducted any keyword research yourself and ask which keywords or phrases you’d most like to be found for online.

Once we have your completed Welcome Form our proprietary technology and expert team get to work; researching and prioritising thousands of keyword opportunities. Once we’ve got a high-level strategy mapped out – we double-check you’re happy with things before configuring your inflo.Ai account. We separate your keywords into four head-terms (think macro themes) to target. Your newsfeed will then be populated with content from hand-picked trusted publications for hundreds of connected keywords under each head-term. Use these articles to quickly research and craft your own original content. We take away the pain of keyword research and remove the need for endless Googling to generate ideas. Meaning you can concentrate on what you do best – marketing and growing your business.

Tracking your performance

A key component when exploring new keyword opportunities is assessing how you are performing before inflo.Ai. Think of this as getting on the scales before starting with a personal trainer.  It’s easy to see where you are ranking before you start with us and track improvement in your Growth Guide. This is valuable because it lets you know how well your previous content strategy was working. It also helps guide us with the potential keywords opportunities for you. Once you start creating content we will then send you monthly reports detailing how your rankings are changing.

Getting started

Once you have your newly researched keyword list and ranking snapshot – it’s time to see how you can start climbing those rankings for popular keywords. To do this you need to start creating relevant and engaging blog content for your audience.

Getting started can be tricky and we’re here to help. We alleviate any writer’s block by suggesting relevant post titles and topics to target your keywords in your first posts. This is the final component of your bespoke Growth Guide.

Equipped with your keyword strategy, your inflo.Ai account and title suggestions there’ll be no stopping you. We empower our users to grow online by producing blogs in less than 30% of the time it used to take them. They also have the peace of mind that their strategy is completely attuned to their goals and is data-backed. So you can spend those countless hours you’ve saved researching and building an SEO strategy more wisely!

If you’d like to hear exactly how you can achieve your business goals with a low-cost content solution book a 15-minute chat with one our friendly team