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Drive traffic consistently with inflo.Ai’s seamless WordPress integration and calendar

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This post dives into the why and the how to use the calendar feature in your inflo.Ai account.

The second part of the post is a step-by-step guide to syncing your inflo.Ai account with your WordPress account.

What should my content calendar look like?

People often get in a muddle with how to plan and schedule their blog content. A question we hear from a lot of our users is – how many times should I blog in a week? There’s no definitive answer here and it depends on your team size and content goals. But for inbound marketing to be effective, it’s essential to publish new blog posts every week – letting search engines know you are consistently on the ball and informative.

Companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month generate 4.5X more leads than those that publish less than 4 (HubSpot)

Why a content strategy is essential

So as a rough guide, aim to publish between one and three quality blogs every single week and you won’t go far wrong. To ensure your inbound marketing efforts are effective though, you need two things. The first, is to develop and guide your blogging with a solid strategy. This includes understanding which search terms you are targeting by conducting keyword research and really thinking through where in the sales journey your content is going to fall. The length of posts, the tone, the keywords targeted all differ based on the goals of your content. Less than half of companies develop and implement a content strategy. Without it – you’re just throwing mud at a wall and hoping some of it sticks. 

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Be the tortoise not the hare 

The second key component is more obvious. It’s writing the content. If you’re guided by inflo.Ai’s killer data-backed strategy and know which keywords you’re targeting, it’s easy to pound the keyboard and get into a position of having tens of articles written and ready to go. The temptation is to publish these quickly. One after the other. Maybe two or three in one day! This is going to get that website traffic to rocket in no-time, right? Unfortunately not. With blogging and inbound marketing, it’s definitely better to be the tortoise than to be the hare. It’s easy to be super-enthusiastic and publish multiple blogs every day when you’ve got so much to say. But by month three you’re burned out and the ideas tap is dry. And this is where having a centralised content calendar for your blogs is key.

With 21-54 published posts, lead generation can increase by up to 30%

With 52 or more blog posts published, there can be up to a 77% increase in lead generation  (Traffic Cafe)


Integrate WordPress and execute on your strategy

Our new WordPress integration and calendar feature allows you to automatically schedule your blogs. Once you’ve synced your inflo.Ai and WordPress account, it’s super-simple to view and tweak your content calendar.  Get the peace of mind that you’re ahead of the game and executing on your blogging strategy effectively. The latest feature to hit your inflo.Ai account has a number of benefits:

  • Means you will always keep your blog active by automatically scheduling posts in advance
  • One simple view across the whole team means planning is that much easier
  • Simplify your content workflow with no need to flick back and forth with WordPress. We pull key information from there to add to your posts including categories, tags and authors
  • Hook up inflo.Ai to all of your WordPress sites and manage your content from a centralised hub
  • Instantly update posts live on your site from your inflo.Ai account

If you’re not using WordPress, it’s not an issue. We can connect your inflo.Ai account to tens of other CMS’ too, with a little help from our friends at Zapier.

Get in contact today if you need help with your integration or to find out more on how inflo.Ai can build your content strategy. 

Connecting your inflo.Ai account and WordPress in a few simple steps