How to ensure you stay consistent in posting relevant content

You probably think we sound like a broken record, always telling you how great content is essential to marketing your business.

We’ve told you a hundred times how posting relevant, high quality and unique content on your blog can have a significant positive impact on your SEO and search rankings which will, in turn, help you to grow your business and increase brand awareness.

But how do you keep it up after the initial sprint so you can build long-term success online? When there are orders to fill, issues to resolve and customers to keep happy, how can you reach the level of consistency required to get to the top of Google and stay there?

Here we consider the importance of content consistency and run through some useful tips to put you on the right track.

Why is consistency important?

Voice & tone

First there’s the content itself, and consistency from one piece to the next. How does consistency here help a business’s marketing strategy?

Every brand should have a uniquely distinguishable ‘voice’. This helps customers and potential customers understand who you are as a business. This ‘voice’ shouldn’t just be reserved for straplines and ‘About Us’ sections, but rather used throughout all company communications and reviewed on a regular basis.

If you’re struggling to make an impact as a business even though you have the best product or service on the market, this could well be the explanation. Humans naturally buy from brands they trust and you’ve little chance of gaining somebody’s trust if you haven’t consistently built up that identity.

Authority & engagement

In every industry trends change fast. What you post about today could well be completely false by tomorrow. That’s not your fault, but it becomes a problem for you if you don’t have a content stream that’s consistent.

After all, who would want to buy from a business that comes across so out of date?

You can achieve authority as a business through consistent content delivery and it will help with engagement too. Posting thought-leading articles on a regular basis that tackle the issues of the day and provide engaging analysis can earn you the level of brand authority that translates into sales.

Web traffic

Google also responds positively to frequency. Blogs that post good content but seldom and at irregular intervals will find it much harder to secure good rankings.

Websites that maintain a regular stream of varied and high quality posts maximise their chances of winning the top positions and, crucially, keeping them.

How to ensure you stay consistent?

There are hundreds of different approaches you can take to keep your content consistent, and much depends on the size of your business, the sector and your resources.

Here we highlight a few ideas as inspiration, but every business leader should do what works for them.

Set yourself goals

You can use any number of metrics to measure yourself: new website visitors, number of posts in a week, average time on page, bounce rate. Try challenging yourself or your team to beat a particular number and you might surprise yourself.

Regularly revisit your keyword strategy

While you do want to maintain a consistent output on the key topics for your industry, you have to adapt as well. Regularly review your target keywords and add in new phrases and trends to keep up to date.

Plan your content in advance and keep to a content calendar

You should be working weeks ahead of yourself so you have time to fine tune each article, and capacity to produce something urgently should something unexpected happen. A content calendar is essential for this, and can also include useful seasonal or date specific content opportunities (i.e. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day etc).

Learn from the data you collect

Data from sources like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights can give you valuable information about how your audience is responding to your content. Take time each week to study metrics like bounce rate on GA, and demographic information on Insights. What you learn you can plug into your next round of content.

Automate your content process where you can

You’ll find this whole process a lot more manageable once you have the right tools in place to help you. Inflo.Ai offers everything in one place for you to create digital content and manage the process from start to finish.