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inflo.Ai’s SEO Scanner: Explained

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This post explains the information that you will see whilst using our SEO Scanner within the Write section of the product. We give some context on why each component is an important part of creating an optimised blog post, and then break down how to improve your score if you see a red bar.

Reading Ease

What does Reading Ease mean?

We automatically assess how easy your copy is to read because search engines tend to favour articles that are deemed more readable.

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We use the renowned Flesch Reading Ease score to determine how readable your text is. This considers two factors:

  1. The total number of words compared to the amount of sentences
  2. The number of syllables compared to the amount of words.

We work out a score from 0-100 based on these factors and the lower the number then the harder your text is to read.

Why I should care

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple” (C. W. Ceram). If text is too hard to read then it’s likely that a high number of visitors will quickly leave your site, your bounce rate will increase and search engines will lower your ranking.

If I see a red bar

With all of the modules in the content checker, it’s important to consider who your target audience is and what they expect. You may have a perfectly valid reason to be writing in a verbose manner, or including very technical language in your text which the average person will struggle to read.

Nevertheless, if the bar is red you should consider if you can shorten the length of your sentences and use alternative words with fewer syllables.


Title Width

What does Title Width mean?

We assess how long your title is based on the number of pixels it will take to display it in full.

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As some characters and words are longer than others, when assessing the length of a title it is actually the number of pixels on a screen it will take to display the title in full that is important. Search engines try to give a consistent experience on their pages, so for each title only the first 600 pixels will be shown. This means that results will appear the same across devices regardless of screen size.

Why I should care

Creating captivating titles is one of the most important components of driving traffic to a specific web page and site. It is important to engage your reader by using strong and emotive language but also let them know what your post is about by clearly communicating it’s purpose. And don’t forget to use your primary keyword in there too!

If I see a red bar

You will see a green bar if the width of your title is less than 600 words. Beyond this, the wider your title is, the lower score you’re likely to get. Sometimes it is not possible to avoid having a longer title, but you can try to reduce the length with simple steps such as removing any repeated information and writing your primary keyword towards the start. 


Subheadings Distribution

What does Subheadings Distribution mean?

We help you identify when the text you’ve crafted isn’t using subheadings effectively. This occurs when your post is longer than 300 words and contains no subheadings or if the paragraphs in between subheadings are too long.

More information

Subheadings are vital to guide readers through your post and make information easier to digest. Also, subheadings are a great place to include your primary and related keywords

Why I should care

Improving the readability of your copy and increasing the amount of time people spend on your site is vital to boosting your SEO. Subheadings are vital to readability and ensure the reader is able to find the most relevant parts of the post to them. Without subheadings, your bounce rates will increase and your rankings are likely to nose dive.

If I see a red bar

To use subheadings effectively it’s important to distinguish between the hierarchy of subheadings:

H1 – H1s are essential and the main title of your post. There should be only one H1 title for each page and post on your website.
For this post, the H1 title is [XYZ}

H2 – H2s are strongly recommended and break down of the main points or sections contained within your post. Effect H2s should guide your reader through the main points and allow them to scan through and understand what your post is about quickly.
For this post, the H2 titles include Reading Ease, Title Width, Subheadings Distribution, Overall Post Length…..

H3 – H3s are often used to guide the reader through specific sections of your post and are great to break up longer posts and sections or listicles.

For this post, the H3 titles include What does X mean, More information, Why I should care, If I see a red bar.

If you’re being scored low it means that you may not be using subheadings at all meaning the reader is confronted by a huge block of text or they’re not being used often enough in your text. Scan through your copy and see if you can add a subheading above a group of paragraphs that are discussing the same topic. 

It’s important to offer value to the user in subheadings, so try to avoid just generic subheadings by giving an overview of your opinion to compel to the reader to read more, for example:

If you’re writing about weight loss tips

“Wholewheat pasta”

“Whole wheat pasta: why it’s healthier than white pasta”


Overall Post Length

What does Overall post length mean?

We want to make sure you have written the minimum number of words required so that your web pages are successfully detected by search engines.

More information

In order to rank online, every page on your site requires a certain number of words otherwise your site is considered to be too ‘thin’. This varies depending on the type of web page, but a minimum of 300 words is generally required for the page to be indexed by a search engine. However to rank page one and for your post to effectively drive traffic, it is likely that your post will have to be much longer than this in order to create valuable content or insight for the keywords’ topic.  Because of this, we advise each post you create a minimum of 800 words.

Why I should care

Search engines want to match what their user wants with the best information available. In order to convince the likes of Google that you’re answering the user’s question and search, it’s important that Google understands what your article or web page is about. The longer your text is, the easier it is for search engines to determine this, meaning you will get more high-quality traffic. Moreover, the longer your text is, it’s likely you’ll include a variety of related keywords so your article has a better chance of showing up for a variety of searches. But the quality of your writing is vital, so try not to just write extra words for the sake of it!

If I see a red bar

Your text is not long enough to rank on search engines. See if you can find more information that your reader will find interesting from your boards and also remember it is vital that your article contains original content so try adding more useful information. Can you restructure older information? What is your opinion on the story at hand? Has something new come to light?

You’ll see green as soon as you’ve hit the 800-word threshold.


Paragraph length

What does paragraph length mean?

We want to make sure your content is easy to read, so generally you should try to keep your paragraphs to less than 150 words.

More information

The lengths of your paragraphs really comes down to your writing style. Some writers want longer flowing paragraphs, whilst some writers prefer very short sharp paragraphs containing only two to three sentences.

Although there is no set length for paragraphs, long paragraphs can be daunting for readers and make your webpage less attractive. Alternatively short paragraphs can make your writing become too stuttered and strenuous to read.

Why I should care

One of the most important factors to rank higher on search engine result pages is the quality of your content and writing. Search engines’ algorithms are now sophisticated enough to know if text is coherent and easy to understand. The key to this is having a sensible structure to your article, meaning it’s important to consider how your paragraphs are arranged and if they flow together nicely.

If I see a red bar

You need to break up your post as the paragraphs are deemed to be too long and you are unlikely to really engage your reader because of this. 

There may be a good reason that your paragraphs are quite long, especially if your article is technical it makes sense to write using longer paragraphs to fully explain your point. Though, if you notice the focus changes, consider breaking the paragraph up. Remember, our content checker is only an assistant, so you may have a valid reason to ignore it!


Sentence length

What does Sentence length mean?

We calculate how many words are used in each sentence, then whether the percentage of sentences using more than 20 words is optimal.

More information

When reading webpages, people tend to scan through text rather than read every single word. It’s estimated only around one-third of your page will be read on average, so it’s important to stick to short sharp sentences which convey meaning clearly. More complex sentences force readers to slow their reading pace and can lead to them getting frustrated. Studies show that at 25 words, sentences are difficult to read and above 29 are considered very difficult.

Why I should care

If your text is too complex or difficult to understand, then your audience will leave the page and your site. This sends negative signals to search engines about the quality of your blog content. If your posts are deemed to be unreadable by a high number of visitors, search engines will begin to demote your posts and traffic that you’ve worked hard to gain will tail off.

If I see a red bar

It’s not always a bad thing to have long sentences. However, the red bar will show when more than one in five sentences in your post contains more than 20 words. See if you can cut some information contained within these sentences or break them down into two or three sentences. You should also try to avoid using long sentences together as this reduces the readability of your text.


Consecutive sentences

What does Consecutive sentences mean?

We identify when three or more consecutive sentences start with the same word, which impacts the readability of your text.

More information

Using the same word too often will make your posts feel repetitive. This can lead to your posts feeling monotonous and may result in visitors to your site leaving quickly.

Why I should care

In order to rank as highly as possible, it’s critical that your posts are well written. If you repeat the opening words of your sentences it reduces the readability of your posts, meaning search engines will drop your site’s ranking.

If I see a red bar

Unless you are deliberately starting three consecutive sentences with the same word for impact, then try using synonyms or mixing up the structure of your sentences.


Transition words

What does Transition words mean?

Although writing in simple sentences is important, transition words connect together ideas and help with the flow of your text. We identify when too few sentences in your text contain them.

More information

When less than 20% of your sentences contain transition words, we advise that you try to connect sentences or ideas together to help with your content’s readability.

Transitional words aren’t as daunting as it may seem. They’re used without thinking in everyday language. A number of examples include: consequently, because, therefore, first, second, also, but, for example, nearby, below, since, then.

Why I should care

Without transition words, the text you create will seem very choppy and difficult to follow for readers. Although you can’t just use 100s of transition words in a post and see your SEO take off, using transition words effectively is key to properly structuring your text. Used alongside other factors that improve your readability, your audience will become more engaged with your content and ultimately search engines will promote your content higher up the rankings.

If I see a red bar

Short punchy sentences are important to get your point across. But if they’re used in conjunction too often, your text will become less readable. Identify when there are several short sentences (less than 15 words) together and see if you can join them together to improve readability.


Active voice

What does Active voice mean?

We help you write content in an active voice to engage your reader. Text written in (the opposing) passive voice tends to make your writing more distant and your message less clear to understand for readers (and algorithms)!

More information

Generally, writing in the active voice, where the subject is followed by a verb, is easier to read and comprehend. The point of the sentence you’re trying to get across is clearer. An example would be:

inflo.Ai drives traffic to your website

Your website has traffic driven to it by inflo.Ai

Why I should care

Readability is key to understand what your web page is about. The more direct and clear your writing is, the higher your content will rank.

If I see a red bar

It is not always possible to write in an active voice, however if your score is low then read through your text and see if you can try to put the subject at the start of any sentences. This may require you to change the verb in the sentence: e.g. “A book is bought by John” becomes “John buys a book”. Often in sentences containing passive voice, it’s unclear what the subject is about and they fall at the end of the sentence.