New year, new us

With inflo.Ai 2.0 hitting the (metaphorical) shelves this week, we wanted to give everyone a heads up on what has improved from 1.0. We’ve digested over 100 meetings worth of product feedback, spent countless hours tweaking the UX flow and had huge discussions on the merits of square vs rounded buttons. We’re super keen to hear about your thoughts and how inflo.Ai has (or could) impact your content creation journey so please drop us a line – we’ll be trying to ply you with free coffee and/or chocolate to hear them at a user testing session soon enough anyway.

SEO and keywords go hand-in-hand. Our keyword tracking finds and recommends content related to the keywords and keyphrases that you want to rank for.

So when you begin the content creation journey, you start in the most relevant place to get you motoring.

Nearly every user last year said the same thing: “inflo.Ai is really useful once you get the hang of it”. We listened to your UX gripes during tons of user testing sessions and have reworked the tool to make it much slicker and intuitive.

We’ve introduced a tab system, breadcrumbs, a centralised dashboard and loads of functionality in the account management section. A big improvement indeed!

New look and feel

It’s not just the flow of the tool that our product design team has worked hard to improve. We’ve refreshed the company branding and used the bright and fresh look throughout the interface. There’s been a real focus on keeping interactions as simple as possible to ensure maximum usability and avoid problems with style over substance. The buttons, shapes and icons have a friendlier, more rounded form which creates a fluid and human feel which is consistent across the tool.

Swanky new editor

We wouldn’t be an all-singing all-dancing all-in-one content aficionado without a great editor. We’ve made the interface as clean as possible so when you’re deep into your content creation journey,  you can focus on one thing. Writing great content. But we don’t want you to just cross your fingers and hope your post will be seen online. Our SEO scanner helps optimise the post and gives you a score for how original it is (a huge factor when it comes to SEO). So that you can be sure it has the best chance of ranking online.


This is just a quick snapshot of what we’ve spent most of 2019 working on. This year is set to be a big one helping SMEs with their organic content strategy. Why not check out our “How To” Ebook series for the latest SEO trends and content creation tips.

If you’re new to inflo.Ai we’d love to give you a guided tour and help you with your content creation  – book a demo using this link here.